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That time, i am so careful about dehydration and blockages now, i learned what to eat and not to eat, and up to what time to eat my mom had an illostomy and my grandmother had a colostomy which later was turned into an illostomy, i also get polpos in my digestive track including my pancress bio duct, was taken out with lazer sirgery and a tube down my throath, i am high risk for surgery, i have sleep apnea, copd and emphezemia 72 lyn dec 9, 2011 @ 3:15 pm could someone please help me with dietary advice, since ive had my stoma ive gained loads of weight, my stoma nurse told me to stay away from veg, fruit and salad, so how can i lose weight, what can i eat to help aid weight loss, and also what foods to avoid please help im desperate. Thanks in advance. Lyn 73 brian dec 19, 2011 @ 7:19 pm i had a total colectomy on friday, november 4th; total colon and rectum removal, anus sewn shut. generic viagra pills I was released from the hospital tuesday, november 8th. viagra overnight Since then, my only issue has been the stitches where the "hand-assisted" incision was made. The "desolvable" stitches are like steel wire, and one still sticks out, catching on my clothing. viagra heartburn Unfortunately, this is crazy uncomfortable. buy viagra online However, everything else seems to be working fine. It has now been a little over 6 weeks since the surgery, and i seem to be doing fine. effects of viagra and alcohol I've gained about 5 lbs back since the surgery, which i need to continue pounding the food down as i'm still too skinny. viagra for sale online cheap I also had the unfortune of getting the stomach flu 2 weeks after surgery, so i was unable to go back to work until week 3. cheap pills viagra The pain slowly goes away, it does. Sex isn't really an issue either, as long as you have an understanding partner... Our first time being intimate was the sixth day after surgery! My stitches where along my backside have fully healed, it's just them stitches from the hand hole. The worse is the top one gets covered by the wafer, and after having to change my appliance 3 times in one day has now broken open. Kind of a pain. viagra and women use Life is now much better. generic pill for viagra I don't have to make sure i know where the bathroom is everywhere i go; i can now go to the zoo with my son, i can go to concerts again, i can go to the fair, anywh.
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Su CD-Rom i dati aggiornati sui consumi alimentari
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le altre categorie è il primo portale tematico dedicato al mondo dei beni di largo consumo curato da professionisti dell'informazione e analisi del mass market vi guida attraverso i mercati dei beni di largo consumo food e non food.

Con il CD-Rom Mass Market Italy Report Food 2010 potete ottenere rapidamente gli ultimi aggiornamenti dei dati sui consumi alimentari analizzati dallo staff di analisti di

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